Hiring a DJ: Points to Consider

(Adapted from original article by Ken Heath)

The wedding ceremony is for the bride to be the center of attention, but the reception is to thank your family and friends for witnessing your marriage vows, and as such, your focus should be on how to make the party enjoyable for the majority of those in attendance.

This is your first party hosted as husband and wife and every detail should reflect the joy and happiness you share to your guests. Expertly chosen music adds flavor beyond the best food and bouquet surpassing the most fragrant blossoms. Guests tend to remember the entertainment you provide above most other things, be it good or bad.

A professional DJ provides the positive catalyst for your party. Skillfully selected music played at the right moment will add the important “feel good” element that helps everyone interact, rekindle faded relationships and form new friendships. Music is relaxing, exciting, romantic, and inspirational. Dancing keeps everyone at your event longer and contributes greatly to your guests’ enjoyment.

A Professional DJ:

  • Promptly responds to you
  • Meets with you to answer questions, whether or not yet hired
  • Considers your needs
  • Makes a plan with you before the event
  • Uses a contract
  • Owns high-grade equipment
  • Is a great communicator
  • Never leaves you or guests questioning, “What’s next?”
  • Keeps the dance floor alive
  • Works well with the other professionals at the event (caterer, photographer)

However you choose your DJ, the final goal is to please you and your guests. Remember…

quality isn’t expensive; it’s priceless!

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